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My head wanders away

By Luuk the Great.

In this recap of the holiday you will see my head in peculiar places.
Like this one for instance.

This was in a Tokyo food court.
There were lots of other ones there.

This was in the amazing science museum. It was amazing there.

This was at our second onsen. It was amazingly hot. It was impressive that it came from the ground.

This was on a street of a village we passed.

We found this at a tourist information

This is all for now.
Next edition coming soon !

Temple Crazy

Written by Koen the totally awesome guy.

On the holidays we have seen lots of temples

We have seen many temples and these are only photos of a few.

Snow!! Snow!!

Written by Luuk the Great
Yesterday we opened the curtains and outside we saw a big fresh layer of snow. So we ran outside in our pyjamas to feel the snow.

It felt like supercold fairy floss, it was amazing. Later in the morning we worked together to make a snow man, but it broke.

Then we hopped into the car and drove to Kusatsu Onsen. For those who don’t know what an onsen is, it is a naturally heated water source that comes out of the ground. The temperature was under zero, luckily the onsen was nice and warm. While we were there it started snowing. The snow looked beautiful.

Here you can see the river from which the onsen water comes.

More coming soon


Written by Koen the totally awesome guy.

We woke up in our van for the first time and we drank random drinks out of a vending machine. Our first try was not a success, it was yellow milky and odd tasting. Luuk got a hot chocolate which was much better tasting.

We went to Nikko, a world heritage listed temple complex. There was snow!

One of the temples was under repair so we couldn’t see the whole thing. This is a picture of another temple there.

We went to shinkyo, sacred bridge as well.

We get our campervan

Written by Koen the totally awesome guy.

When we woke up we got dressed, had breakfast and said goodbye to our little house in Tokyo.

We walked to the train station and went in the train for more than an hour.

We waited for hours and hours an finally we got our campervan and drove away.

It had for foldable beds, refrigerator, bunk bed which also is foldupable.

In bed I have had better nights but it was an ok bed.

Luuk was very happy with his new warm pyjamas, he picked it himself.

We meet kung fu panda

Written by Luuk

Yesterday we went to the zoo and met lots of animals including The Panda.

We also met polar bears, monkeys, seals, otters and bears.
At the end of our visit we went to the petting zoo and there were a couple of animals including mice, chickens and guinea pigs. Here are some photos.

When we were finished in the zoo we strolled through Uono Park and saw the first cherry blossoms opening.

Follow this space and hear more about our exciting Japan trip

Dear diary day 1

By Koen the totally awesome guy.

We woke up at the crack of dawn and ate chocolate, because we had not bought breakfast yet.

We arrived in Japan late last night and brought to our house by a kind guy. In the house we have two stories. The first level has two beds, a bath and a dining room. Also it has this nice table with heating under it.

And upstairs there are another two beds and an empty room.

Other houses are very close to our house so we can’t talk loudly.

Op naar Japan

Wow, eindelijk is het zo ver, onze Japan vakantie! vanmorgen werden we om 4 uur opgehaald om naar het vliegveld te gaan en inmiddels zijn we bijna in Tokio, de Kids, met hun korte koppies, zijn de vlucht inmiddels wel beu.

Twee kale koppies voor het goede doel!

Hier in Australië wordt veel geld ingezameld voor het goede doel en Luuk en Koen hebben zich laten scheren om geld in te zamelen voor de leukemia foundation!

Ze hebben al over de $1300.00 ingezameld en je kan nog steeds geld geven voor deze heldendaad.

En natuurlijk moesten er ook mutsen komen om die koppies warm te houden