Written by Koen the totally awesome guy.

We woke up in our van for the first time and we drank random drinks out of a vending machine. Our first try was not a success, it was yellow milky and odd tasting. Luuk got a hot chocolate which was much better tasting.

We went to Nikko, a world heritage listed temple complex. There was snow!

One of the temples was under repair so we couldn’t see the whole thing. This is a picture of another temple there.

We went to shinkyo, sacred bridge as well.

1 thought on “Snow!!!

  1. Maartje

    Toch elke keer weer apart, dat sneeuw voor Luuk en Koen zo een speciaal concept is. Maar goed, zoals het klimaat aan het veranderen is voor ons straks misschien ook…

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