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Last days in Tokyo

The holidays are coming to an end, on Monday we fly back home…
But is has been amazing, especially in the campervan, so much freedom. Today we have a quiet day, paddle boots on the lake in Ueno Park, and maybe a visit to the national museum.

Yesterday we decided that some culture would be good for the kids so we visited the museum for contemporary art.

Food for thought…

Of course we also had to visit a cat cafe, a strange invention where you pay to cuddle cats…

Koen had been asking for cat for ages.

And for the cooking fans, Kappabashi, kitchen town, a whole street dedicated to cooking….. Here you can also buy all the plastic pretend foods that you see in restaurants to help you choose your meal.

All fake…

(I restrained myself, only one knife and two beautiful ceramic casseroles)…

Mount Fuji

Written by Koen the totally awesome guy who is the best.

This is a photo of Mount Fuji. Two days ago we visited this volcano but unfortunately we could not climb it because it was to dangerous with all the snow and ice.

We went on a walk instead. Here is a photo of a skull we found.

We think it was a little goat.

Before the walk we went to the ice caves, they were formed by lava and fill up with water which freezes and forms a year round freezer.

See you next time, I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Ninja attack

Written by Luuk the Great

We went to the amazing ninja museum

We learnt a lot of things we didn’t know like the old ninja script

We also saw a short show on the hidden features of a old ninja house. A feature was that two floors weren’t visible on the outside. And a cupboard
that had a hidden ladder to the next floor . And under a floorboard was a secret weapon stash. It was very fascinating to learn about ninjas.

More stories coming soon

Japan continued

After another morning in Nikko, admiring some more temples and snow we drove to our next destination.

Offers to the temple.

Our next stop was Numata, a hot spring town. The down side of a campervan is that there are no shower facilities so we use hot spas as fancy showers . After a lovely hot bath we went to sleep, the temperature had dropped below zero and the next morning we woke up in beautiful white snow!

The little town was amazing, there was a natural hot spring creating a streaming hot river through the middle of town,

And when your feet get cold you just warm them in the hot water. When we went in the hot spa here it was very special, while we were in the water, a very large outdoor bath, it actually started to snow, is there a better way the chill when the water gets to hot?

From here we went to Matsumoto, there was an beautiful old castle, also called the crow castle because it was black. And on the inside you could see all the tricks to keep the enemy out, making it look like the two levels outside but in reality they are three levels inside, the small windows to drop things on people trying to climb up etcetera.

And a samurai fighter

A beautiful town and castle but very very cold, with ice on the van windows, I was very glad we had our own sleeping bags as well as the ones supplied by the van rental.


It has been two weeks now. I can’t believe how much we have seen and done. Luuk and Koen have shared some of their highlights. But I thought that I should give you a bit of an overview of what we have done so far. We stayed the first two days in Tokyo, the start of the cherry blossom season and my first impressions of Japan.

Heating under your table, what an invention.

When exploring Ueno Park we saw the start of the cherry blossoms and of course the zoo with a Panda!!!!

Our first experience with ordering from vending machines, even in restaurants you often buy a ticket for your meal from a vending machine. And not understanding Japanese makes every meal a surprise.
The next day we went to the science museum, lots of hands on things with a lot of trial and error as none of the explanations where in English, nevertheless a lot of fun.

And then it was time to pick up or campervan, an old and large van with enough sleeping space for all of us.
Kids on top and we slept at the bottom.

The pick up of the van took much longer then expected so our first stop was a Road Station

The next morning our trip continued to Nikko, an old town from the Edo time with an amazing temple complex in the mountains.
The kids loved it, especially because there was some left over snow.

We found a beautiful parking spot next to the river.

What a place to have your morning coffee…