It has been two weeks now. I can’t believe how much we have seen and done. Luuk and Koen have shared some of their highlights. But I thought that I should give you a bit of an overview of what we have done so far. We stayed the first two days in Tokyo, the start of the cherry blossom season and my first impressions of Japan.

Heating under your table, what an invention.

When exploring Ueno Park we saw the start of the cherry blossoms and of course the zoo with a Panda!!!!

Our first experience with ordering from vending machines, even in restaurants you often buy a ticket for your meal from a vending machine. And not understanding Japanese makes every meal a surprise.
The next day we went to the science museum, lots of hands on things with a lot of trial and error as none of the explanations where in English, nevertheless a lot of fun.

And then it was time to pick up or campervan, an old and large van with enough sleeping space for all of us.
Kids on top and we slept at the bottom.

The pick up of the van took much longer then expected so our first stop was a Road Station

The next morning our trip continued to Nikko, an old town from the Edo time with an amazing temple complex in the mountains.
The kids loved it, especially because there was some left over snow.

We found a beautiful parking spot next to the river.

What a place to have your morning coffee…

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  1. MARY

    Absolutely awesome roadtrip guys . Love your blog kids
    Photos look fantastic . Looks freezing . Snow reminds me of home in New Zealand xxx

    Looking like a fantastic road trip thru Japan .
    Loving the blogs boys
    Love the snow myself .
    Innovational ideas look awesome .
    Love and happy trails .

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