Japan continued

After another morning in Nikko, admiring some more temples and snow we drove to our next destination.

Offers to the temple.

Our next stop was Numata, a hot spring town. The down side of a campervan is that there are no shower facilities so we use hot spas as fancy showers . After a lovely hot bath we went to sleep, the temperature had dropped below zero and the next morning we woke up in beautiful white snow!

The little town was amazing, there was a natural hot spring creating a streaming hot river through the middle of town,

And when your feet get cold you just warm them in the hot water. When we went in the hot spa here it was very special, while we were in the water, a very large outdoor bath, it actually started to snow, is there a better way the chill when the water gets to hot?

From here we went to Matsumoto, there was an beautiful old castle, also called the crow castle because it was black. And on the inside you could see all the tricks to keep the enemy out, making it look like the two levels outside but in reality they are three levels inside, the small windows to drop things on people trying to climb up etcetera.

And a samurai fighter

A beautiful town and castle but very very cold, with ice on the van windows, I was very glad we had our own sleeping bags as well as the ones supplied by the van rental.

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